Guys, Thinking about proposing over the Holidays? DO IT RIGHT!

His Perspective........Ok gents. You get one shot at this.  Doing this RIGHT is so IMPORTANT.  If you need help with proposal ideas, search the web for inspiration. Take the time to think of a new way to do it, but keep in mind that it absolutely needs to be romantic and heart felt. Taking her some place new that offers a romantic atmosphere is a must. Should you get down on one knee? Well yes!

Find ways leading up to popping the big question  to show her how valuable she is to you. Go overboard in this regard.  There can't be too much love and attention leading up to this. Whatever you decide to do... DO NOT say something stupid when you ask such as "Would Jah?"  Be honest, polite, loving and above all express your LOVE.

Then call us if she says yes.  A Destin Florida Beach Wedding is completely romantic.

-Justy White

Her Perspective....... I totally agree! How much effort you put into this moment communicates how much you value the possibility of your lady becoming your bride.  Imagine you were proposing to royalty. How would you ask a princess to marry you? Think of her favorite things and incorporate those themes into the proposal day.  Not all princesses love the same things.  Whether it's a country side picnic or an upscale dinner in the city the most important component is that she knows she is your dream come true.  

-Julie White

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